Warren & Tricia

Where do we start? Assuming the folks reading this blog know us very well there’s really no need for a back story – how about we begin with a short explanation for why we decided to blog instead of showcase our travel experiences on Facebook? Tricia is sick of Facebook, yes that’s the only reason, and a quick answer! In fact she predicted Facebook would be a distant memory by 2015….and now you know why she is definitely not in charge of our stock purchase decisions!

Nigeria will give us access to the world in a way the U.S. simply can’t. A five-hour flight to Madrid, a six-hour flight to Paris, and an eight-hour flight to Dubai! As you already know we love to travel and this opportunity is just what we’ve been waiting for.

We will be living in Lagos, Nigeria which is a coastal city in the south (see map below)

africa map

The neighborhood we’re staying in is safe and we’ll be close to plenty of American, European, South African, Asian, South American, and many more ex-patriots in addition to local Nigerians. There are modern apartment complexes, restaurants, a shopping mall, lots of imported South African wine (how could we live without that??) beautiful beaches, and a huge pool just outside our flat for the really hot Nigerian days.

 Tricia will continue to operate her business, Design Intensified, part time, offering design and development services for digital marketing. In her spare time she will be volunteering with Ishahayi Beach School Foundation (IBSF) and Small World. Warren will be working for his dad learning about the packaging industry, in his spare time he will be looking around for a great place to start the first CrossFit gym in Nigeria!

We will use this blog to share our stories, photos, experiences, and inspiration. Enjoy and please keep in touch!!

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