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Nigeria Scenery

September 7, 2015

Here is a small sampling of Lagos, Nigeria scenery….

Nigeria Missing Girls


A center roundabout on Victoria Island still has posters along the fence for each of the 276 girls kidnapped on 04/14/14 from the Government Secondary School, Chibok by Boko Haram. 57 escaped 219 are still missing.

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Stories From Abroad

Tips for Moving Abroad

May 7, 2015

Great article recommended by our good friend Chaita 🙂

Expats Share Their Top 20 Tips for Moving Abroad

There’s nothing more exciting than packing up your life and buying a one-way ticket to a foreign land, right? OK, maybe crazy is the better word. But whether you’ve joined the Peace Corps, transferred to Jakarta, or just decided to backpack around Europe and “settle down” on the DL, one thing’s for certain: the life of an expat, while adventurous and liberating, can be incredibly stressful.

In an effort to help aspiring — and possibly anxious — globetrotters, we chatted with a bunch of expats around the world to find out exactly what they wish they’d known before making the big move.


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