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Nigeria Stories From Abroad

Days 2, 3 & 4

August 15, 2015

Everyone is here!


The dogs made a grand entrance Thursday night (Friday morning), they arrived at about 1am on a large, noisy, stinky truck – after being in their crates for 10+ hours we took them straight to the communal area in the middle of our compound where there is grass and space to walk around to stretch their legs. As Warren was wrapping everything up with the transit company I was watching the dogs…well as it turns out not closely enough because the second I relaxed their leashes to give them more freedom they both bolted towards the pool, I chased them the whole way trying to grab their leashes and yelling “No!” (yes, at 1am in the morning….) apparently in their frenzied state all our training went out the window…SPLASH! SPLASH! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK!

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Nigeria Stories From Abroad

Day 1

August 12, 2015

Just sat down at the bar in front of my gate….flight to London departs 10:20pm……whoosh…all the stress of getting to this moment is heavy. I ordered a Pinot Grigio, relaxing, finally. Arrived at Virgin Atlantic check-in counter with a feeling of accomplishment, I managed to get all our stuff into 7 suitcases…trust me, that was an accomplishment. Then the bad news, four of my bags were overweight, ugh. I had to rearrange all my stuff (red-faced, pouring sweat, personal items springing out of each bag), what can be trashed if needed?? Bath mats…they were a last minute add because apparently bath mats aren’t available and/or can’t be located in Lagos…interesting. I was about to toss them when a very bright-eyed and compassionate attendant “Suzanna” offered to pack an extra box for my mats…I tried to tell her they are from Target and not worth the trouble but I think she saw the perspiration and sensed my impulse to cry, and insisted. Thank you Suzanna from Virgin Atlantic!