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St. Petersburg, Russia

January 10, 2018

Catherine’s Palace

Named after Catherine I, Peter the Great’s wife. Originally it was a humble residence but in mid-1700’s their daughter, Empress Elizabeth, redesigned and reconstructed the palace to compete with Versailles.

This is us standing in The Grand Hall (or Great Hall or Bright Gallery) used for banquets, balls, and masquerades. They designed it so the mix of mirrors and windows are supposed to result in the illusion that the large room goes on forever.

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Nigeria Photo Gallery Stories From Abroad

Badagry, Historical Slave Port

May 8, 2017

Badagry played a very important role in the history of West African slave export, established in the early 15oo’s. It was a key slave route to South America, North America, Europe and the Caribbean. I expected the group tour experience would be gut wrenching – on the hour-long boat ride from Lagos city to Badagry town I was preparing myself for a very solemn day of painful stories and reflection. There were some interesting moments, but the reality would better be described as awkward and inappropriate.

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