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Top 20 “Real Life” Travel Photos

June 8, 2017

Tourist Trap!

When you arrive at the perfect, picturesque, white sand beach (romantically described as “secluded” in your tour description) only to find there isn’t a single spot open where you can take the amazing photo you envisioned. Then, in order to stay on schedule, you have 30 minutes to fight the crowds before moving on to the next crowded beach….


Early Morning. Must Have Coffee.

You’re in a new country with lots to see but you were out dancing way too late the night before… now it’s 7am and you have to crawl out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and hoof it up the hill in the freezing cold to see one more castle….because you know if you don’t you will regret it!!

Majestic Cliffs…Not Pictured.

When you are looking out over the majestic Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and you ask a stranger to please take a picture, but they decide it would be a good idea to zoom in on your faces….


Original Photo Ideas

Yes, that’s me waving from a photo booth in London…#clicheismyforte


Questionable Transportation

When you’re smiling but really cursing the decision to cram into the back of a small truck with shallow metal seats, too many butts, partially sitting on your friend’s leg, at 6am when you wish you were sleeping….YAY for international travel with friends!


Creative Methods

When you travel with 7 girls who all brought an extra bag for shopping….you have to get creative and grab a couple donkey carts! #moroccantreasurestakepriority


Muddy Silliness

Trying to get a group photo…in the mud…with elephants…this is what happens 😉



Yeah, that’s bird poop. Everywhere. #photoshopismyfriend


Photo of….?

I’m not really sure why I’m posed here in front of random people and trees…? Maybe to show off how responsible I was bringing a reusable bag to collect all my souvenirs! #travelsmartbringabag


How Does This Thing Work?

Before you can take a professional looking photo of romantic New Years Eve lanterns in Thailand, you have to figure out why the stupid thing won’t light.



Creative Signage

Yes, I definitely want time to myself so I can relax and go shopping! “Babe, you stay here at this pub and they will look after you for the rest of the day.” Genius.


Annoying the Tourists

No description necessary, his face says it all, LOL.


Surprise Guests

When you’ve been looking for baboons all day and then finally one appears, in front of your car, and then proceeds to groom himself in the middle of the road. It’s OK, take your time 😉


Cranes??? Nooooo!!!

When I imagined an unforgettable trip to Athens and my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the historic Parthenon, I didn’t envision cranes. Unfortunately their renovation schedule collided with my vacation.


Boring Couple

Wow, we are so uncool just standing there when we could strike a pose like this guy!


Henna Tattoos! But Look Closer….

When you and your girlfriends indulge in some henna tattoos, and then 1 minute later the woman finishes and you look down and it’s all just scribble with glitter 🙁


Unplanned and Oblivious

I can’t really tell if I’m looking at the boat, off into the distance, maybe just catching my breath? I should be under water enjoying the fish… #touristfail


Curious Elephants

Before you get the perfect shot feeding an elephant a banana, smiling at the camera, in your traditional Thai top (AKA cheesy-touristy-posed-amazingness), you have to keep said elephant from eating your camera and from sniffing/slobbering all over your legs.


Wait, I Can’t See!

When the whales are amazingly breaching…along the wrong side of the boat!


Creepy Tourists

Oh, wait…the creepy guy is my husband 😉







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